Should I Venture Out?

I am getting many questions about the corona virus outbreak and how this affects patient care and active plans.

I truly believe that I can help all of our patients remain healthy from the inside out. And I believe that this care can keep our patients from experiencing pain and complications that could send you to the Emergency Room. I believe it is my duty to relieve the pressure on the American Medical System in this unprecedented time.

However, it is also my duty to keep my patients as safe as possible.  For this reason our office is following the CDC guidelines and we are limiting the occupancy of our office to 10 people at a time.  We need your help with this!  Please come on time to your appointments, and let us know if you need to come earlier or later so we can balance the occupancy. With your help we can maintain appropriate social distance while getting you the treatment you need. 

Also if you are in a high risk group, specifically if you have an underlying respiratory disease, be safe! I will be happy to consult with you via the phone or Zoom to discuss specific concerns or barriers to coming into our office. 

I am also offering a special immune boosting package to help you maintain strong defenses against all illnesses.

            Immune Booster

As always my thoughts are with all of my patients in this difficult time.


In Good Health,


Dr. Benjamin Shultz, D.C.

Pittsburgh East Medical Center

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