Patient of the Month – May

Christy K.

“Pain is hardly a factor in my life anymore!”

Christy first found out about us through a Facebook Ad. She decided that she needed to do something about the pain she was having so she came into the office to see us. When she came in she was having hip pain and low back pain that was just a constant burning and stabbing sensation. She had tried so many things including various chiropractors, orthopedic consults, balance disorder specialists, physical therapy, and even pain killers, anti-inflammatories, and muscle relaxers. Nothing was helping! Since coming to our office Christy has learned that her life doesn’t need to involve pain and she is learning strength building techniques that she can use even after her treatment with us comes to an end. Through cold laser, decompression, physical rehabilitation, adjustments, and the PRP protocol, she has come such a long way and is really noticing the improvements!

Before coming to our office Christy rated her pain as an EIGHT on a scale of one to ten. Since undergoing treatment, sticking to her physical therapy, and being consistent with her appointments she now rates her pain a ONE! This is an incredible improvement! In addition to her pain decreasing significantly, she’s had other improvements as well. She has not had any more sinus infections, improvement in her depression, improvement in cognition, and is able to accomplish more daily tasks!

“I can do so much more without constant pain gnawing at my thoughts!”

Pittsburgh East Medical Center

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