Patient of the Month – March

Diane originally heard about us from a friend who was already coming to our office. When she first came to us she had a lot of arthritis in her knees, she couldn’t walk, it was a very painful experience, and one doctor even told her to get her left knee replaced. She later referred her husband, Dave, to our office because he was having a few problems with his lower back and neck.

Dave has been seeing our doctors, doing physical therapy, and even though he hasn’t been with us for long he has noticed less pain in his neck and low back.

Diane went through our PRP procedure and is still in the middle of her physical rehabilitation. She is still strengthening her left knee which was injected but she has since been able to walk better, have more mobility, and is in less pain every day! On a scale of one to ten, Diane came to us with a pain level of nine. Since being with us that pain has been decreased immensely to about a four!

This is incredible!

We are so thrilled to have Diane and Dave as patients in our office! They always show up to their appointments, take the doctor’s advice, and have been showing real results. Thank you Diane and Dave for sharing your story with us!

Pittsburgh East Medical Center

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