Patient of the Month – January

Kathy Glaid

“The treatment is top notch but more important are the people in the office that make it a pleasant experience and motivate you to fight through the pain.”

Kathy has been seeing us since August 2017! She was having knee problems, she twisted it going down the stairs, and after that she could barely walk without a crutch. Kathy couldn’t even get in or out of the car without putting the seat completely back or even walk up the stairs normally. She saw an ad for us on Facebook, didn’t want to “go under the knife”, but also knew she needed to do something about her knees, so she decided to call us!

She came to us and started with the physical therapy and chiropractic side but then also went through our PRP Treatment with one of her knees. When she first came to us she told us that her level of pain, on a scale of one to ten was a TEN. Since being with us for a few months she said that her pain has gone down all the way down to a ONE!!!

This is incredible progress!!!

Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Kathy!!!

Pittsburgh East Medical Center

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