Injured on the job? Auto Accident?

Getting injured adds a layer of challenge to your life. When there are insurance ramifications to deal with as well, it can feel overwhelming. The dedicated team at Pittsburgh East Health Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, is there for you during this time, ensuring you have the support you need to heal and an ally as you file your insurance claim. We are serious about helping people who have been injured and are committed to helping you get the best possible outcome.  For support after an auto accident injury or during a workers’ compensation claim, call the office today at 412-372-3772 to schedule your consultation.

Injured on the job? Auto Accident?  Pittsburgh East Health Center in Monroeville, Pennsylvania, provides caring and experienced doctors who specialize in treating patients suffering from car injuries, work injuries and slip and fall accidents.  After your initial evaluation, one of our specialists will develop an individualized, non-surgical treatment plan just for you.  Your program may consist of exercises, injections, neck/back braces, decompression, cold laser, ultrasound, muscle stim and/or chiropractic care.   It is our goal to help patients find relief from their pain so that they can enjoy the highest quality of life.  Give us a call today at 412-372-3772 to get pain relief.

There is an old saying among physicians, “listen to the patients, they will tell you what is wrong with them.” This simple philosophy embodies the truth that pain is subjective to each person suffering from an injury or multiple injuries. There is no objective test or diagnostic study that can accurately capture a person’s level of pain. Only the injured person can accurately convey his or her level of pain.  At Pittsburgh East Health Center, we understand that pain effects everyone differently. We take the time to get to know all of our patients so that we can understand the impact that their injuries are having on their lives.

Get pain relief from:  Pain resulting from a Car Accident or Injury at Work, Back Pain, Neck Pain, Sciatica, Leg Pain, Arthritis, Disc Herniation, Bulging Disc, Wrist Pain, Carpal Tunnel Pain, Repetitive Stress Syndrome, Numbness or Tingling, Scoliosis, Sciatic Nerve Pain, Whiplash, Lumbar Pain, Knee Pain, Arm and Shoulder Pain, Headaches and Migraines, Fibromyalgia, Frozen Shoulder, Lower Back Strain, and many other painful ailments!

At Pittsburgh East Health Center, we are a compassionate healthcare facility that understands the hardships facing you after an accident. You focus on your recovery. We will help you get the medical care that you need!  Call us today at 412-372-3772 to schedule your consultation. 

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