How Long Can Car Accident Injuries Take to Manifest?

After a car accident, most serious injuries are immediately visible. However, some may take time before they manifest.  Examples usually include damage to the organs or internal bleeding.  Delayed symptoms can be hazardous for car accident victims because they are often mistaken for unrelated health problems.

Because of this, monitoring health after a car accident is a vital step for victims’ well-being and insurance claim rights. Unfortunately, there is no concrete timeline for your injuries to show up. However, here are a couple of facts about car injuries and what you should know.

Most Severe Car Accident Injuries

Depending on the severity of the accident, injuries can vary greatly. Besides speed and the power of the impact, things like age, gender, and even weight are factors that affect victims in various ways. Even if you feel well after a car accident, remember the adrenaline your brain releases in moments of danger is enough to numb the entire body.

Any spinal cord, brain, or neck damage can result in paralysis or long-term medical treatment. In addition, Traumatic Brain Injuries, also known as TBI, can lead to blood clots in the brain if they are not addressed immediately after the accident.

Broken bones or losing limbs is also an extremely severe injury, along with lacerations, but is usually visible in the aftermath of the crash. Regardless of what type of injuries you suffer, you are entitled to fair compensation. Never delay medical attention after an accident, as this is the best way to assess your injuries and will help you later with your personal injury claims.

What Injuries Take Longer to Manifest?

According to the Mayo Clinic, whiplash and spinal cord injuries can take longer to manifest, the latter being the most common.  Whiplash takes days to manifest, with symptoms including a gradual loss of neck mobility and increased local pain. They are caused by the sudden and aggressive movement of the head back and forth, typically during impact. Most injuries are easily treated, but some victims require long-term treatment or surgical intervention. 

Delaying injuries is bad practice for your insurance claim and for your own life. For example, spinal and neck injuries can take years to manifest, with healthcare providers noticing victims of car accidents experiencing back problems later in life. In addition, untreated internal bleeding or organ damage can lead to dangerous blood infections and organ failure. These injuries can claim your life if they are not treated immediately after a car accident.

Seek Medical Examinations and Monitor Yourself

Immediately following a motor vehicle crash, call 911 for emergency services. Paramedics and authorities will arrive at the scene, perform help services and evaluate the accident details. Allow them to assess your condition and then go to a hospital for a more thorough examination.

Note all your symptoms, from minor inconveniences to increasing local pain and lack of mobility. In this way, you can help discover new injuries in future evaluations and determine a more effective course of action for your treatment. In some cases, it can even save your life.

Assessing Injuries and Insurance Claims

Every victim of a car accident in the USA is entitled to seek compensation for their damages. Both financial and emotional damages are valid in a court of law. If you suffered severe injuries requiring prolonged treatment and limiting your future work prospects, you are entitled to more than a regular car accident claim. Each detail of your car accident and medical record is essential in determining the value of your settlement.

Each case is different, and there is no way to determine when you will start having back and neck problems. The only solution is to listen to your body. Also, communicating with your doctor about your past car accident allows you to determine if your current health problems are related and if you can be compensated for them.

Consult With a Lawyer

Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic experiences for all parties involved. Additional medical injuries can affect your movement and ability to work, so consider consulting with an attorney before making any decisions. Most legal representatives will offer free consultations and work on a contingency basis, meaning you will pay fees only after you receive your compensation. This way, representing and fighting for your claim is in the lawyer’s best interest.



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