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Plush, pillow-top, firm, or memory foam, there are so many options to choose from for bedding comfort but, if you’re gearing up for a Saturday morning of mattress shopping because of your persistent back pain, you probably won’t find the solution to your problem. If you’re like most back pain sufferers, your pain is at its worst at night and in the early morning when you wake up, so it’s an easy mistake to blame your mattress for your aching spine.

Installing a new mattress may offer a pleasant upgrade to your nights, but it most likely won’t alleviate the debilitating back pain that’s eating away at your life. If you have found yourself in agony from stiffness in your back, soreness in your hips or numbness in your legs for more than three months you need more than pocketed coils or contours to stop the pain.
You don’t want to suffer the disappointment of waking up with the same familiar twinge in your spine the day after such a hefty purchase. You’re motivated to finally do something about your pain, so you’re already on the right track, but you need a treatment solution to eliminate the cause of your sore back.

Is your pain causing you to avoid situations that require you to stand or sit for long periods? Every morning you wake up with back pain is like a tug of war struggle between facing the physical challenges of your day and staying immobile in whatever position you can find a tiny bit of relief. Chronic pain is lonely and isolating and can rob you of your ability to work and enjoy the activities you love with your family and friends. You deserve to sit and stand without cringing from shooting nerve pain. You deserve restful sleep and the ability to drive without feeling stabbing pains in your spine every time you shift your feet. You deserve to spend more time living and less time worrying about your back. A new mattress can’t give you all of those things, but there are highly effective treatments available that can.

If your back pain is the result of herniated discs or degeneration, it’s important to seek treatment as early as possible to promote healing of these sensitive areas. Untreated back pain can lead to the development of painful bone spurs, nerve damage, disuse syndrome or calcification of the joints. Covering up the problem with pain medication won’t stop your condition from worsening. You need decompression therapy to put your journey into chronic pain in reverse and get you back to living a pain-free life.
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Decompression therapy works to relieve the pressure on the inflamed joints between the bones in your spine. This technique not only offers pain relief and improved mobility, but it also focuses on stabilizing and strengthening your spine for future pain prevention. Decompression therapy has a high success rate, and many patients experience a significant reduction in pain and symptoms soon after beginning treatment. This cutting-edge therapy has been a safer and non-invasive alternative for patients considering surgery. Decompression therapy is the answer you’ve been looking for to finally know what it’s like to go a day without thinking about pain.

So, before you hit the showrooms to start testing new mattresses take advantage of a FREE consultation with the doctors at [client name]. Click here to schedule your appointment and take control of your chronic back pain.    

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