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A Message of Hope for Chronic Back Pain Sufferers

Do you feel as if your chronic back pain has locked you out of your own life? Chronic pain can be lonely and isolating and can rob you of your ability to work and enjoy the activities you love with your family and friends.  This nagging, excruciating symptom can stem from a variety of underlying causes, in some cases growing progressively worse from day to day until you can hardly move at all. Thanks to the Healthcare Providers at Pittsburgh East Health Center, we can identify the source of your pain, developing a personalized treatment program that doesn’t involve drugs or surgery in any way.

How Back Pain Becomes a Chronic Problem

Most people, it seems, are no strangers to back pain. Low back pain, in particular, plagues an estimated fourth-fifths of adults at some point or other. Many of these issues are related to acute injuries such as auto accidents, sports accidents, or workplace injuries caused by improper lifting practices. As these injuries heal themselves, the pain is supposed to fade away. In other conditions such as pregnancy, back pain disappears after the baby is born and the body resumes its normal weight and spinal alignment.

Sometimes, however, back pain develops into chronic misery. Some conditions such as spondylolisthesis, spinal stenosis, herniated discs, bulging discs or spinal degeneration don’t heal themselves, leaving you with constant or recurring pain. Untreated back pain can lead to the development of painful bone spurs, nerve damage, disuse syndrome or calcification of the joints. Covering up the problem with pain medication won’t stop your condition from worsening.

Have you been fearing the treatment for your chronic back pain more than the pain itself?  Many back pain sufferers are rightfully concerned about the prospect of taking large numbers of painkillers, which may reduce their pain temporarily while creating their own long-term complications. They may be even more afraid to undergo a major spinal surgery such as vertebral fusion, a procedure which may leave you even more limited in your range of motion, prove completely ineffective against the pain, or possibly even make the pain worse.

Pittsburgh East Health Center Could Hold Your Answers

The smartest way to fight chronic back pain is by helping your back function more normally.  The Healthcare Providers at Pittsburgh East Health Center can confirm the cause of your upper or lower back pain, from a degenerative condition to strained muscles. You may benefit from a program that includes:

Our Healthcare Providers Have Got Your Back

Gain control over your chronic back pain by making your back healthier. Contact Pittsburgh East Health Center today to schedule your FREE Consultation!

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