Are You Experiencing Chronic Pain? Improving your Diet Could Help You Out!

Stop feeding your chronic pain!

Do you live with chronic pains?  Do they make it difficult for you to enjoy your daily routine?  Is it hard for you to do things that you once loved doing with ease?

If your discomfort has been continuously worsening, you may want to reconsider you’re eating habits!  We truly are what we eat.

Inflammatory responses can be triggered by eating too much or wrong foods, which can lead to muscle, nerve or joint discomfort.

By adopting a healthy nutritional strategy as part of your lifestyle, you can begin to make the changes necessary to live a fuller, comfortable life.

How is my diet linked to my pain?

Certain kinds of foods are known to cause or aggravate inflammatory responses and chronic pain.  You may be doing yourself more harm than good if you regularly consume the following kinds of foods:

Poor dietary and nutritional choices can also increase your pain by increasing your waistline.  Excessive quantities of rich, fatty, sugary or starchy foods can cause your weight to increase, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.

This extra weight can accelerate joint degeneration, aggravating arthritis pain.  It can also place undue strain on your muscles as they struggle to support your heavier body. 

Nutritional pain relief!

The good news is that the correct foods can help you battle inflammation just as much as the wrong foods can make it worse.  Simply switching to a Mediterranean diet can put you on the road to heath and less pain.

Fruits, vegetables, fish, whole grains and healthy oils like olive oil are all wonderful options with great nutritional content and low inflammatory potential in this diet.

Weight control is another vital aspect of pain management. Increasing your physical activity will help you get the most of your new nutritional routine.

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Eating for health can include eating for pain management.  Contact Pittsburgh East Health Center to make this strategy work for you!

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